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These Kaima Cosmetics Eyeshadow Flakes Have Gone Viral

The Chameleon Eyeshadow Flakes are described as the ultimate product for glitter lovers. They have unique flake pigments that don’t use harsh glitter particles. Unlike other forms of glitter particles, these are said to be soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear. As for the application? It’s quite a unique process. To begin, you take the Glistening Pigment Mix, place two small drops into a bowl, mix it with your Eyeshadow Flakes, and you should be left with a lightweight glitter mixture. Taking a small flat brush, slowly begin to paint the mixture onto your eyes and build it up as you desire—make sure you let it set until it feels dry on your eyes.

I have to admit it took me a couple of tries before I managed to get the flakes and the mix to work together. On the first two attempts, the mixture became soap-like, which I think was due to not having enough flakes in the mix. Thankfully, on the third try, I felt like a pro. I began by blending some of my Lime Crime Eyeshadow Palette Venus III ($38) into the crease of my eye and the lid for a base color. I then popped some of the flake mix onto a small eye shadow brush and began painting it onto my eye, and wow… It’s not often that I’m lost for words when it comes to trying out new beauty products, but this one really got me. The finished look is something out of a dream—popping glittery specs that look like they’ve taken hours to put on when in fact a few simple swipes do the job.

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