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The falling Miami cat and this Cricket dog had the best sports weekend ever

There is nothing better than a good sporting animal, and this week gave us not one, but TWO amazing examples of sports being invaded by our feline and canine friends.

Why should humans have all the fun? Why do they get to be the focus of attention just because of their speed and jumping skills? Cats and dogs would be better at sports than all of us if they possessed opposable thumbs, and that’s all there is to it. What I’m trying to say here is that we need dog soccer. Sorry, I lost myself there for a bit.


This is the most stressful internet video I have ever seen involving an animal. I have no idea how a cat made it to the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium, or why it thought it was a good idea to try and scale down the outside — but man, my heart was pounding through all this.

Miami deserved to come from behind and win on Saturday night solely because fans had the wherewithal to grab an American flag and catch the falling cat, to raucous cheers from the crowd. The cat, well, it’s a cat. It didn’t even appreciate having its live saved. Instead it just clawed at the man holding it and wanted to murder him.

It’s proof that cats appreciate nothing.


In stunning juxtaposition to Miami Cat, we have Cricket Dog, the dog who just wanted to play cricket. There’s nothing scary here. No chest-clutching terror, just joy. Shout out to the boy who ran onto the field and probably got a stern talking to for bringing the family dog to the cricket ground and not holding onto it.

Personally, it was perfect. Every cricket match should have a dog break.

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