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The Best French Fall Style for Every Age

What’s better than one chic Parisian? How about an entire family of well-dressed French women? I’ve been following sisters Salomé and Tamara Mory on Instagram for quite some time, but I recently discovered that their mother, Elisabeth Bento, is equally as stylish. 

Curious about the Mory matriarch’s style, I interviewed Elisabeth about her favorite fall outfits and shopping methods. “When it comes to my personal style, I would not describe myself as a fashionista,” Elisabeth told Who What Wear. “I have only a small list of brands that I love, and then I buy the same dress, top, or pair of jeans in different versions. I am a less-is-more kind of person. So my ideal outfit is a good pair of jeans, the perfect T-shirt, and strong accessories. Or a beautiful dress that you can wear at the beach with flip-flops or at night with heels. A journalist from French Vogue described me as the incarnation of the Parisian. That might be true.”

I went on to ask Elisabeth to compare and contrast how she dresses with her how daughters dress. “The girls’ style is quite close to mine, but I think they are more open to different brands and silhouettes than I am. Also, they can wear miniskirts, which I love but can no longer wear in town—for age reasons.” We’re certainly proponents of all ages wearing anything they please, but it always comes down to personal preference.

Scroll down to shop the four fall trends Elisabeth would borrow from her daughters, Salomé and Tamara. 

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