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The 21 Best Kitten Heels in Every Style

Years ago, I had a theory that heels only improved with height and amassed a collection of super tall shoes. Fast-forward to more recently and I’ve pretty much abandoned any heels that are more than three inches high, aside from a few exceptions. Yep, kitten heels with their subtle, comfortable height have instead taken over my closet. And looking to the outfits fashion people are wearing, you’re guaranteed to find them in the most stylish wardrobes.

I’m personally a huge fan of pointed mules with a short heel. I bought a vintage Prada pair earlier this year and they have quickly become the shoe I wear more than any others in my closet. Sleek and polished, they are the heel I pair with just about any outfit I throw on. But there are plenty of other styles of kitten heels worthy of adding to your closet. Ahead, I’m highlighting the ones that are fashion insider-approved.

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