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Seth Rollins upset with John Cena. Here’s why

WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins unamused with John Cena mentioning his name in the cult promo with Roman Reigns. Check details
WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins unamused with John Cena mentioning his name in the cult promo with Roman Reigns. Check details

WWE Smackdown: This past week on WWE Smackdown, John Cena dropped a bomb on the Universal Champion Roman Reigns with a cutting-edge promo. Cena looked relentless with his promo as he mentioned the likes of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley in AEW), and CM Punk in it. The segment was unrehearsed and almost an extempore from both ends. 

Vince McMahon was pretty impressed with the effort Roman Reigns & John Cena put in the promo. However, one name that wasn’t too impressed was the former WWE Champion and Roman’s former “Shield” mate Seth Rollins. 

WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins seemed a bit irked with John Cena mentioning his name

Seth Rollins spoke on a conference call regarding the promotion of WWE Summerslam, where he was asked about the promo from John Cena last week on WWE Smackdown. He stated that he was OK with what Cena said about Dean Ambrose but not amused with his own name getting mentioned. However, in the end, he knew why his name got mentioned.

“Roman Reigns doesn’t dictate what I do in the ring, never has been, never will be. Roman Reigns doesn’t dictate my failures or my successes. Roman Reigns can’t make me, just like Roman Reigns can’t ruin me. So, I think that’s the only part of it that I kinda like… er, not my favorite thing. That’s his thing. He has to use my name to fill his narrative, that’s fine. That’s his prerogative. I would do the same thing if I were in his position with his name. That’s the nature of the business. That’s how we sell tickets, and that’s how we get people talking.”

Seth was clear with what he mentioned. He said that he knows things like this happens to amplify the business, and he would have done the same if he were in Cena’s shoes last week on WWE Smackdown. 

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WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins gearing up to face the Tared-R Superstar Edge

Rollins is all set to face the 11-time World Champion and the Rated-R Superstar Edge at WWE Summerslam PPV on August 21. He is focused on this first-time-ever match and has been pretty active in the buildup of this match.


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