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Rhea Ripley defeated Shayna Baszler, Follow Live

WWE Raw Results live blog: Nikki A.S.H & Rhea Ripley defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, Follow Live
WWE Raw Results live blog: Nikki A.S.H & Rhea Ripley defeated Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, Follow Live

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results and Highlights: Check out the big highlights and what happened on WWE Monday Night RAW Episode on Aug 24th: This is the WWE Summerslam fallout episode of Monday Night Raw taking place at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. A lot many things will be disclosed in this edition of Monday Night Raw, and we might witness some fresh rivalries enlisting in the frame.

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WWE Raw Results: Events that took place tonight

  • The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley kicks off the show
  • Bobby Lashley vs. Damian Priest
  • Bobby Lashley & Sheamus vs. Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre
  • Ricochet vs. Karrion Kross
  • Moist TV- Special Guest Logan Paul
  • Xavier Woods vs. The Miz
  • Jinder Mahal vs. Mansoor
  • Charlotte Flair in the ring
  • Nikki A.S.H & Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
  • RK-Bro Championship Celebrations

WWE Raw Results August 24, live blog & live streaming details: WWE Raw, follow live updates

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WWE Raw Results

RK-Bro Championship Celebrations- Riddle came into the ring to kick off the celebrations and introduced The Viper Randy Orton by addressing him as his best ‘Bro.’ The typical Randy Orton slow walk was on display, and it seemed like he wasn’t much impressed with the celebration thing. He already told Riddle to not do anything stupid.

Riddle asked the ring announcer to address Randy and Riddle as RK-Bro, which he didi and there was a new graphic on the big screen for RK-Bro.



Nikki A.S.H & Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler- Rhea and Baszler started off the proceedings and started working in Rhea’s left hand right from the outset. Baszler tried crushing and dismantling her elbow but Rhea took her down.

Rhea tagged Nikki in. Nikki displayed some quick moves, but an attack on her hand didn’t go well. Nia got the tag now and she overpowered Nikki with utmost ease. Before going into the commercial, Nia Jax slammed Nikki on the mat, meanwhile, Shayna Baslzer hit a running knee on her face.

Nikki and Nia were in the ring after the commercial and the latter was completely dominating the former Raw Women’s Champion. Nia dragged her from her hairs to the corner and tagged in Baszler.

Baszler hit another running knee that rocked Nikki. After struggling for most of the time by the assault of Nia and Baszler, Nikki finally tagged in Rhea and she changed the complexion of the match. In the closing moments, Rhea hit a dropkick from the top turnbuckle on Baszler, and Nia mistakenly splashed on Baszler.

This gave an opening to Rhea who instructs Nikki to dive on Nia on the outside of the ring and finished Baszler with a headbutt followed by Rip Tide.

WWE Raw Results: Rhea Ripley pinned Shayna Baszler to win the match for her team.



Vignette- Another video vignette featuring the New Elias.



In the ring- The newly crowned Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is in the ring to celebrate her win at the Summerslam PPV.

Charlotte started off by saying that she already said that she will be standing here as the Raw Women’s Champion. She said that she is the most decorated women performer in WWE as she is now the 12-time Women’s Champion.

She added that she doesn’t need friends, family, or the WWE Universe because the only thing she needs is this (lifting the Raw Women’s Championship title in the air)

She kept on talking about her greatness and told everyone to bow down to the queen. When she was done talking, Alexa Bliss’ music hit. She walked out on the ramp and said that Charlotte, Lilly and I just want to say you Hi. Seems like, Alexa Bliss is the next in line to get into a feud with Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship.



Backstage- Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest talked about their partnership against Bobby Lashley and Sheamus earlier in the night.



Jinder Mahal vs. Mansoor- After a shameful loss at Summerslam against Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal is in action tonight against Mansoor. Jinder overpowered Mansoor right from the outset with kicks and slamming him onto the mat.

Jinder dropped a knee on Mansoor and got him into a hold working on his shoulder. Mansoor tried to surprise Jinder with his quickness but Jinder kicked him on his face. Jinder then placed a knee on Mansoor’s throat by grabbing the ropes. The referee counted more than 5 leading to a disqualification. The match ended with Mansoor defeating Jinder Mahal via DQ.

WWE Raw Results: Mansoor defeated Jinder Mahal via DQ.



Backstage- Riddle tried hugging Randy Orton, but the Viper denied him doing so. Riddle then talked about how excited he is for tonight’s celebration. Randy told him that he doesn’t like surprises and asked him for one favor, i.e. not to do anything stupid.



Reggie’s 24/7 Championship defense- A video footage comes up that shows R-Truth and Akira Tozawa once again failing to catch Reggie.



Xavier Woods vs. The Miz- Miz started off with a side headlock. Xavier got out of the lock but was caught again. He planted Woods down on the mat, but Xavier then hit a kick on Miz’s gut to get the momentum by his side.

Xavier attacked Miz’s knees and the former started faking the injury yet again. He acted smart and took advantage of his fake knee injury by planting a knee on Xavier’s gut inside the ring and then on the outside bashed him into the barricade near the announce desk.

Morrison started using the drip stick to moist the surface near the steel stairs so that Miz slides Xavier into the steel stairs. The plan backfired as the slide did take place but it was Xavier who made Miz slid into the steel stairs.

After the commercial, the two competitors were inside the ring and Miz used the IT Kicks to get the momentum by his side. Xavier, however, returned to the fray by hitting a neck breaker from the middle turnbuckle. He followed it up by sending Miz outside the ring and ran into a dive from the top rope.

In the closing moments, Xavier Woods was caught into a Skull Crushing Finale, and Miz asked Morrison to use the drip stick, but it didn’t work out as Morrison unwillingly cost a quick pinfall to The Miz. Instead, Woods rolled up Miz and secured a pinfall victory.

After the match got over, a furious Miz ambushed an attack on Morrison as he messed up everything. The assault got over with a skull-crushing finale on John Morrison.

WWE Raw Results: Xavier Woods defeated The Miz via Pinfall



Moist TV- Special Guest Logan Paul- John Morrison kicks off the show and calls his special guest Logan Paul. It was strange to see everyone booing Logan Paul in the arena, and Paul wasn’t liking it at all.

As Morrison was conducting the interview, The Miz music hit, and the A-Lister came out. He asked Logan Paul to tell Morrison that he is his favorite Superstar, but he said that his favorite is New Day.

The Miz humiliated Logan Paul with his trash talks saying that Logan’s brother will lose his boxing bout against Tyron at Cleveland. This pissed of Logan and he walked straight into the face of The Miz. Morrison said let’s have a match here now between Miz and Logan Paul, but the Miz wasn’t amused and said this ain’t happening.

Morrison and Miz got in a sort of dispute then and Logan Paul left the ring. As the two were quarreling, Xavier Woods walked out and he will now be taking on The Miz in a one-on-one match.



Backstage- A furious Sheamus rushed to Bobby Lashley’s locker room demanding explanations why he turned his back on him.



Ricochet vs. Karrion Kross- 24 hours after losing his NXT Championship, Kross is on WWE Raw and is facing Ricochet. The match was more of a squashing on display. After a few blows here and there from the two men, Kross hit a Doomsday Suplex and followed it up by a Kross Jacket to finish off Ricochet.

WWE Raw Results: Karrion Kross defeated Ricochet


Backstage: Doudrop gets interviewed and gets attacked by Eva Marie



Bobby Lashley & Sheamus vs. Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre- This match was made official during the commercial. As we returned from the commercial, Sheamus was working on Damian Priest inside the ring. Sheamus tagged the WWE Champion and he exchanged some blows with him.

Damian tagged in Drew and Lashley & Drew were up against each other after a while. Back & forth tags were on display from both teams. Before heading to the commercial, Bobby Lashley lifted Damian priest on his shoulders and slammed him twice face-first on the ring post outside the ring.

As we return from the commercial, Sheamus slammed Damian priest back-first inside the ring, and it seemed like Priest was feeling the first taste of the big draws of Monday Night Raw. Sheamus was tormenting Priest for good. He tried the suplex but Priest denied, however he got caught with a back-first on Sheamus’ knee.

After a while, Damian got some opening by hitting a clothesline and tagged in Drew. The Scottish warrior completely changed the complexion of the match and took the upper hand. He tossed Lashley across the ring with two belly-to-belly suplexes and set himself for a Claymore.

In the final moments of the match, Damian hit a diving lariat on Sheamus and hit a boot on the face of the All-Mighty WWE Champion at the apron. This made him furious and he left the ringside leaving Sheamus on himself. It was all done and dusted there as Drew McIntyre ended up with a vicious Claymore kick on Sheamus to pick up a win.

WWE Raw Results: Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus & Bobby Lashley



Bobby Lashley vs. Damian Priest- As the bell rang, Lashley lifted Damian for a spine buster and was taken to the corner. He started attacking Damian in the corner. Priest however came back strong by hitting a clothesline and flattening the WWE Champion.

He then continued the attack and got the upper hand for a while, but only to get attacked from behind by Sheamus.

The match got disqualified, and now Sheamus & Bobby Lashley were working as a unit and annihilating Damian Priest. The assault was getting serious and out of nowhere, Drew McIntyre rushed down the ring to save Damian. He took Bobby outside the ring and slammed him on the announce table.



The All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley kicks off the show- MVP address what happened at WWE Summerslam. He talks about how strong and dominating Goldberg has been in his whole career and still, Bobby Lashley overcame his threat and declared Goldberg a coward as he didn’t finish the match.

MVP added that whether it was his attack (MVP’s attack) or anything else it was all about Bobby Lashley who had the last laugh. He then talked about Gage saying that Goldberg’s son attacked Lashley from behind. He said that whether it was Goldberg’s son or anyone else, Lashley would have attacked him. As MVP was talking, the new United States Champion Damian Priest came out.

Damian Priest was upset by the fact that MVP was calling Goldberg a coward because he didn’t finish the match at Summerslam. He was also upset by the fact that Lashley attacked Gage.

He then challenged Bobby Lashley for a match tonight and said if Lashley doesn’t accept the challenge, he is the one real Coward. This made Lashley furious and the two men exchanged blows. The match is official and it is up next.

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