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Reviewed: Versed’s Out of Sight Dark Spot Gel Faded My Spots

Whichever way you refer to dark spots—discoloration, hyperpigmentation, or an uneven skin tone—you know how stubborn they can be when it comes to trying to fade them. That’s because discoloration can be caused by so many different things, including genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes, and acne (so, identifying the culprit can feel nearly impossible). You also have to take into account that the pigment forms deep within the skin, so the correction process is rarely quick or easy. All things considered, it’s not surprising that many of us deal with varying degrees of discoloration for years, only to see minimal improvement. That’s the bad news.

Despite how I might have just made it sound, the good news is that it is possible to fade dark spots (my now nonexistent post-breakout marks are proof of that). You just have to know which products to use. That’s where Versed comes in. The budget-friendly skincare brand just launched a new dark spot-correcting product that promises to make a visible difference in the appearance of discoloration through a combination of several safe-for-skin ingredients. Keep scrolling to learn all about it and read real, first-person reviews. 

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