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Insta360 Studio Update Brings Easier Editing Experience on Desktop

Insta360 Studio Update Brings Easier Editing Experience on Desktop

Insta360 Studio has received a new update today that makes importing, editing (such as reframing 360 movies with keyframes), project management, and exporting easier. The desktop app, available for both Windows and macOS computers supports also M1 Macs and it is available now for free to use with Insta360 ONE R, ONE X, ONE X2, and GO 2.

Last month, the Chinese camera manufacturer Insta360 updated its mobile app to offer a cleaner shooting interface, smoother editing with new templates in FlashCut, an updated export page with faster exports, and the possibility of using more songs in one video. Today, the desktop app – Insta360 Studio – is also getting a new version. Let’s take a look at what has improved.

Insta360 Studio Update

The Insta360 Studio is a desktop editing software designed to be used with Insta360 cameras such as ONE R, ONE X2 (check our first-look-review here), GO 2, and ONE X. It is available for Windows and Mac OS computers, and it also offers full compatibility with M1 Macs.

New Window on Keyframes. Source: Insta360

The new update focuses on simplifying four main areas of the app workflow:

  • Import. After connecting an Insta360 camera to the computer, the Insta360 Studio will automatically recognize the camera and prompt users to select individual files or import all files saved on the SD card. Once imported, the files will now appear in a sidebar on the left of the interface with three different preview options, including a new thumbnail preview option for a large view of each file’s content. Users can also filter the files by saved location and favorite files for easier access.
Thumbnail Preview on Timeline. Source: Insta360
  • Edit. Reframing 360 footage with keyframes should now be easier according to Insta360. When users click the timeline to add a keyframe, a new window will pop up showing options to adjust the pan angle, tilt angle, roll angle, FOV, and distance. The video timeline has also been revamped, displaying a thumbnail preview when hovering over the timeline. Buttons for tracking targets (Deep Track), adjusting the video speed (TimeShift), and adding motion blur are now easier to find. Last but not least, users can undo operations by clicking the undo icon or pressing ⌘Z, as well as redo operations.
Project Management. Source: Insta360
  • Project Management. On the right sidebar, a new “Project Management” panel is available for editing and saving different versions of the same raw files simultaneously. Users can both clone an edited video or start a new project from the raw file.
  • Export. With the new version of the Insta360 Studio, users can now save their preferred export settings (e.g. resolution, bitrate, and encoding format) as a preset for easier access in the future. The exports can now also be added to a queue, so the edits can be exported together all at once.
Video Export Settings. Source: Insta360

Price and availability

The new Insta360 Studio update is free of charge. The latest version of the application can be downloaded directly from the Insta360 website.

Do you use Insta360 cameras for your work? Do you have experience working with the Insta360 Studio? How do you like the new updates? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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