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How to Get the Most Value When Selling Your Car

Selling an automobile is not child’s play. When selling a car, people sometimes add a sentimental value to the vehicle that the purchasing party fails to acknowledge. Regardless of your love for your car, you do want a good price that is realistic and justifies your decision to part with your vehicle. Luckily, to get a good value for your vehicle, you can take some important steps to ensure the maximum amount when selling your car. These are highly recommended by car sales representatives and are based on research as well as experience. We’ll list those vital factors for you to answer your question, how you can get the most value in terms of money when you’re selling your car.

Things to do to get the most out of your car sale

Follow these steps to ensure a good price, one that’ll save you time and will also make your car sale a profitable exercise.

Estimate the total value of your vehicle

You must know the total price of your car and that’s the first step in this process. If you don’t know the price of your car, you cannot ask for a good price as you won’t be able to convince the buyer. The value of the car may be estimated based on the model, color condition, engine mileage, current fuel efficiency, and interior of the car. These are not exhaustive factors as some people also look for the condition of tires etc.

An easy way to get an accurate estimate is to look online websites for a similar model and with a comparable condition. This will give you a good idea. If your car is accidental, you may take help from insurance valuation.

Make sure you’ve got all the papers

Original purchasing invoices, car maintenance certificates, registration documents, and any other relevant documentation must be ready to present to any potential buyer. Establishing trust with the buyers is vital and a slight hint of misperception at the buyer’s end will jeopardize your car sale. Make sure that you’ve got your paperwork ready when you’ve decided to sell your car. You may make a list of all the relevant documents before you decide to list your car for sale.

Make your car shine like stars

Clean your car and clean it as if you were cleaning it for the last time, or at least that’s what you hope for when you list your car for sale. Many vehicles have good engines, great suspensions, and great mechanical condition but the owner sometimes pays less attention to aesthetics. This should be kept in mind that like food, presentation matters a lot. You cannot get a good value for your car if you’re not presenting it as brand new. Cleaning the whole machine would be a good idea, including the engine, interior, body, and tires. Use a polish or luster to give it a great shine for your buyers.

Take some good quality pictures at good angles

You don’t want to cheat or anything but angles matter a lot. Take some pictures as if you were presenting your car for a supermodel contest. Research shows that a good presentation of a quality vehicle increases its value in the eyes of the customers. Good quality images will attract more buyers and this will give you more room to negotiate and set a good price. Demand matters a lot, and when you’re selling your car, taking some good quality images can go a long way to increase that demand for your vehicle.  

Select a good platform to list your car for sale

A good quality platform such as a website or online market can help you attract some great potential buyers. A quality website such as Sell Your Car OC can help you navigate this process without much stress. You can get an offer for your car without any delay and that simplifies the whole process for you. Other than that, when selecting a platform, you should check the number of sales they’ve already done and how are the reviews of the sellers and buyers on that platform. Many franchises facilitate purchasing and selling procedures so you can list your car there as well.

Give all the details about your car in the description

When you’re listing your car for online sales, keep your descriptions detailed but crispy. Length should not be a concern here, instead focus on all the essential details that your seller needs. Too much wordiness can throw away a buyer as people don’t trust such sales pitches. However, you should present as much as necessary and not a word less for your buyers. You may divide your sections in terms of mechanical, aesthetics, interior, history of maintenance, and exterior looks. This will give a buyer a complete account of your car with good information.

Finally, negotiate but don’t haggle

Keep in mind that you’re selling a car not a vacuum cleaner and that entails keeping an open mind about the price. When you haggle too much and on petty points too, the buyer moves on. Make sure the negotiations are realistic, focused on the quality of the vehicle rather than your attachment to it, and they account for the pros and cons of your vehicle. A good quality car sells itself and you can only present it nicely to get that deserved price. Otherwise, the buyer is smart enough to see the weak points and will get a better deal than what you want them to get. Simply, negotiate the price as if you were a pro, but don’t get stuck on small points.

A piece of advice for your safety

Trust the good-natured people but don’t forget to take your precautions. For a safe transaction, make sure to meet the buyers at a safe spot, and if possible, get someone to accompany you on this occasion. There is no need to feel threatened or paranoid but keeping a friend with you will not only make you feel safe, but they can also help you in the negotiations for value. Chances are, you’ll get a better price when you have got a friend with you than you’d get if you were alone.

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