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Cool Corsets Are Taking Over This Fall

As far as trends go, the resurgence of the corset wasn’t totally unexpected. We’ve seen the garment periodically pop up during fashion week, including the Dion Lee and Marques’Almedia shows in New York and London respectively, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before the trend came full circle onto our feeds. The latest iteration that seems to be bubbling up takes a slightly different direction: draped in elaborate patterns or featuring deconstructed forms, unconventional corsets are having a moment. 

For the moment, it seems to be just on the brink of true fashion omnipresence, which is why we’re labeling this a micro-trend to watch. Like most pervasive trends, emerging designers are at the forefront of this quirky corset wave with names like Kristin Mallison and All Is a Gentle Spring repeatedly selling out of their made-to-order, custom versions. In line with the artsy print craze, Renaissance-themed patterns, in particular, are a popular choice among the fashion crowd. Although an acquired fashion taste, it’s definitely a microtrend I’m excited about and foresee growing exponentially, so in the true interest of sharing, I’ve laid out all the places to get your hands on one. I’ve sprinkled in a little bit of styling inspiration too so keep scrolling to dive in.

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