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Chesca Garcia’s solution to making a simple day count

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is assured of what tomorrow can bring, something that celebrity mom Chesca Garcia-Kramer is aware of. This is why she does her best to make every day with her loved ones special.

“I’ve come to realize more and more how precious each passing day means,” she said in her Instagram page yesterday, Sept. 12, where she shared photos of a special dinner she had with her Christian family – husband Doug Kramer and their children Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

“With everything happening around us it has become so much harder to see our loved ones because we simply don’t want to risk it. To tell you honestly, I miss everyone from our family. Thank God for technology,” she added.

To make her family enjoy a special day even without any special occasion, Chesca shared how their family decided to dress up, set their table beautifully “and have a special family date.” The family indeed set up a fine spread, with colorful dinnerware and native woven accents.

“Because every day is worth celebrating with our loved ones,” she added. “It doesn’t matter in what way you express your love and care for them. But I say, love each other well, with all that you’ve got and don’t miss an opportunity to show it and say it.”

Meanwhile, the Kramer kids have just started their new homeschooling season. The children, who also happen to be commercial models and endorsers, have been homeschooled even before the pandemic. JB


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