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7 Wardrobe Staples for Women to Wear Over and Over

As a fashion editor, I can’t help but be swayed by all of the latest trends and the newness on the market, and I constantly have my eye on new pieces to add to my shopping cart. If I have to be honest, though, I’m a serial wardrobe repeater and end up reaching for some of the same staples again and again. Part of it is because they’re items that I know I’ll always feel good in, and I already have outfit formulas I can rely on. The other part is that they’re just key items in my wardrobe that have stood the test of many wears, and I simply can’t live without them.

My wardrobe would be lost without pieces like relaxed trousers and crisp button-downs as well as tailored trench coats and oversize blazers. They’re pieces I consider to be the backbone of my wardrobe, and I can’t imagine getting dressed in the morning without them. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to repeat what you’re wearing. Quite the opposite, I believe in cultivating a wardrobe with items that you really wear and know how to style a thousand ways. Ahead, see the fashion staples I rely on more than any others when I’m getting dressed.

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