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34 Versatile Fall Staples That Will Go With So Many Outfits

There is a certain set of criteria I follow when I’m shopping to add something fresh to my wardrobe. A particular item needs to align with my personal style and be within budget, but its versatility is also of utmost importance. I don’t typically like to go for something that I won’t really wear a ton—strong cost per wear is key.

So as I’ve been scrolling through various sites for inspiration, I bookmarked newer items that piqued my interest for myself and also to recommend to those in my inner circle. Below, check out my edit of fall pieces I’m into because they’re versatile and will go with so many outfits. These are staples like chic knits that could be dressed up or down and pretty blouses like this style from Who What Wear Collection that looks flawless with a smattering of pieces. Keep scrolling to check out my initial curation (the first seven below). There’s also a range of other items I’m loving that I wanted to share.

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