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20 Retro Sunglasses the Fashion Set Is Wearing in 2021

Earlier this year, I came across a pair of oversize aviator frames in one of my favorite vintage stores that stopped me dead in my tracks. Although I hadn’t worn the sunglasses silhouette in years, this particular pair stood out to me because they reminded me of the ones my very Italian grandpa always used to wear. So when the store owner told me they were a deadstock style from Italy, I bought them immediately. Scroll down to see them in action.

Fast-forward to summer 2021, the fashion crowd has joined me in my obsession with retro sunglasses. I’d even go so far as to say that they’ve become *the* accessory trend of the moment. If I spot someone in them, I know they’re a fashion person. But let’s get into the details. Nope, these aren’t the slim metal-framed aviators we used to know. Instead, this new wave is all about embodying a ’70s aesthetic that’s anything but minimal. The details that define the modern-day trend include large acetate frames in lieu of sleek metal ones, tinted lenses (especially transparent yellow and orange shades), and the general vibe that you could have lifted them from my own grandpa’s closet.

To show you what I mean, I’ve pulled together examples from Instagram that highlight how the style set is wearing retro sunglasses right now. I also went ahead and shopped out the 20 pairs that embody this whole aesthetic, so keep scrolling for more.

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