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12 Trends a Fashion Editor Is Wearing All Season

I’m back with another edition of Shop Like an Editor, rounding up all of the pieces I’m wearing IRL. This time around, I’m diving into all of the trends I’m currently trying as we transition from summer to fall. My wardrobe generally isn’t very trend driven, but lately, I’ve been taking inspiration from the runways and street style scene to add some new pieces into my closet. While they definitely can be classified as trends, they’re also pieces that I plan on wearing for many seasons ahead.

My current finds include everything from the impossible-to-find sneakers I had to hunt down to the vegan-leather blazer I’ve been living in and the polo top that launched a million DMs. (Yes, it’s that good.) Ahead, discover 12 editor-approved trends I’m wearing in 2021 and shop the exact items I’ve been wearing—from affordable finds to investment buys. If you’re looking for a new-season wardrobe refresh, there are plenty of finds to add to your cart.

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